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How do I get more powerful

A general measure of your current 'upgrade status' is your BP or Battle Points. BP is gained each time you 1 of 6 things:

- Fortifying and Refining your Equipment

- Upgrade or Equip your S. Weapon

- Level up your Tailed Beast

- Recruit new, more powerful ninja from the Bar or the S. Ninja window

- Inlay jade (Equipping jade to gear)

- Gaining S.Ability

- Ranking up your ninja

- Leveling your ninja

- Guild stat bonuses

- Have a PVE and a PVP team

Doing any of these things will raise your BP and I will go into more detail on each of these below.

How do I get jades?
Jades can be acquired via; events, treasure hunts, treasure talismans, check-in rewards, and are purchase-able from the mall.

What does each stat mean?

    Here is a list of every stat in the game and what each of them do.
- Force: Force is the main stat for Ninjutsu and Taijutsu ninjas, it raises your Physical Attack and Physical Defense.
- Chakra: Chakra is the main stat for Genjutsu ninjas, it raises your Strategy Attack and Strategy Defense.
- Agility: Agility increases your speed.
- Power: Power increases your ninja's HP.
- HP: This is your characters life, the number in the character window is your HP before the tailed beasts modifiers add in.
- Speed: This stat determines what order each ninja fights in the round. If your speed is higher you attack first, then everyone else goes in order according to their speed, then the round resets and you go again.
- Strategy Attack: This stat is occasionally bugged to say "Strategy Defense" but it works fine, it affects how much damage your Genjutsu ninja deals.
- Strategy Defense: This stat reduces damage dealt to you by Genjutsu ninja.
- Physical Attack: Affects how much damage your Taijutsu and Ninjutsu ninja deal.
- Physical Defense: Reduces damage dealt by Ninjutsu and Taijutsu ninja.
- Damage Rate: A modifier affecting all ninja's damage, notice vanguards have somewhere in the 60% range in this stat. Its because as tanks they have higher inate defenses and so deal less damage.
- Hit Rate: If you are getting dodged a lot this stat will help you hit your opponent. Reduces chance to be dodged.
- Dodge Rate: Chance to avoid attacks completely, which means your enemy gains no fury and can't use special attacks.
- Crit Rate: Increases your chance to deal 1.5x damage to opponent.
- Counter Rate: Reduces your chance to be crit by opponent.
- S. Atk Rate: If you are getting blocked a lot this will help you penetrate their blocks. Reduces chance to be blocked.
- Block Rate: Increases your chance to block opponents attacks. Blocked attacks reduce the damage considerably and you also automatically counterattack the character you blocked.
- Aid Rate: A portion of the damage taken by this character will be reduced and split among the rest of your ninja, this allows you spread damage out so pinpoint attacks become less lethal and you can heal your vanguard of the damage dealt to your assaulters.
- Punch Rate: Gives a chance to trigger the 'Extra Rounds' effect, this effect means that the next attack that character makes will include a 2nd basica attack immediately afterwards.
- Fury: Begins at 50/100 this stat is your special attack meter, once you reach 100 you can use your special Jutsu.
- Avoid Injury Rate: Reduces the chance that you get stunned, and possibly reduces the chance to be affected by debuffs.

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