About guild

Time : 2016-01-04 21:24

In this small guide, we will be talking about:
1. What a guild is
2. How to join/create a guild
4. Previleges
5. Guild Donations
5. Upgrades
6. Vault



What exactly is a guild?

A guild is typically an in-game association of player characters. In our case, ninjas!

It's a place where you get bonus benifits in game.

It's a place where you can look for help.

It's a place where you can make friends.

How to Join/Create a guild

After choosing your clan and reaching level 26, you'll notice this icon appear

Click that and you'll be able to choose between searching for a guild or making your own!

Note, the guild will be for the same clan you chose. For example, I chose Uchiha, my guild is a part of the Uchiha clan.


There are 3 different previleges in a guild




Chairman can:
Upgrade Buildings

Add members

Change notices

Assign Chests

Dismiss Guild

Upgrade Attributes


More Info
This rank is given to the person who created the guild.


if you do not log in more than 3 days, the Vice Chairman who contributed most will become Chairman!



Deputy Leader

(Vice Chairman)

Deputy Leader can:

Add member

Change Notices

Upgrade Attributes

More info

This previlege is given to the person/people who have donated most.



(Regular Member)

Guild Donations

This is very important! With out this, guilds will not be able to upgrade!

(Learn about upgrading and how it benefits you below!)

When you donate it gives the guild "Assets" and gives the person donating "Feats".

Assets are points used to upgrade(level up) things in the barracks.

Feats are points used for leveling up individual attributes in the guild camp

To use Feats to upgrade attributes:


then click "enter"

then upgrade!

(More info on using "Assets" in the Upgrades section below)


Upgrades are really important to a guild. It makes the guild stronger and upgrading benefits the members also.

As a guild leader, when obtaining enough Assets, you can upgrade you guild. You have 3 options to use it on.


1. Guild Camp

This is the most important one! The Guild Camp is what levels your guild up. As you can see in the picture, this guild is level 3.

When you level Guild Camp up, it allows you to buy more attribute promotions which uses Feats.

The guild here is level 3, which means im only able to level up these attributes to level 3.

Higher level guild camp = higher level cap on attribute promotion.


When you level your Guild Camp up, you also get guild Xp/Silver boost for completing stages

Each level you get more of a boost. My guild is level 4, we have 1.5% boost for each.


This is where your rewards will be placed when you win them!

After accepting the awards you're able to send them to whomever you like.



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