Fortifying and Refining your Equipment

Time : 2016-01-04 21:40


Every ninja can equip 6 basic items; a weapon, a headband, an armor, a cloak, a set of boots, and a belt. Your weapon will be different depending on which class you choose (Kunai for Taijutsu, Shuriken for Ninjutsu, Scroll for Genjutsu). Each of these 6 items can be fortified increasing the items level by 1 and improving the stat it provides by a bit. Weapons provide damage, Headband and Armor provide physical defense, Cloaks provide strategy defense, Boots provide speed, and Belt provides power. Everytime you fortify an item the cost to fortify it increases, a little at first then gradually the increases get much larger once you move past upgrade level 30 and 50. Most people don't upgrade their gear past 60 unless they have tons of silver to spare as the cost out-weighs the benefit. Also whenever you fortify an item you get a cooldown timer that increases by 2 minutes, once you hit 20 minutes it won't let you fortify again until the timer drops below the 20 minute mark.


Since there is this cooldown and cost you may want to consider prioritizing your fortifications to this order as you level:

- Begin with your vanguard, fortify their Headband, Belt, and Armor gear a bit. This will allow you to take hits and survive giving your assaulters time to kill your opponent.

- Next power up your assaulter, focus on their Weapon and Boots. This gives them the speed to go first and the damage output to kill your opponent. If you go up against a lot of sasuke's or other ninja who hit the assault line directly consider adding Belt to this step.

- Go back and beef up your vanguard, get their Cloak upgraded so that they take hits from genjutsu users.

- If you have a support by now, upgrade their Weapon and Boots. For support characters who have heals upgrading their weapon increases the heal amount, and you want them to go first so that your heal lands on the tank before your enemy can use their 90% heal reduction skill.

- The rest you can fortify at your leisure.


Tips if you're spending gold:

- Don't use it here

- If you do use it here ONLY use it to reset the cooldown using the >> button next to the timer. The three 10g options are wastes.



- Genjutsu - Chakra, and one of these (power, agility, hit, crit). Chakra is the main stat for ALL genjutsu ninja, it improves damage, healing, stratagy defense.

- Taijutsu - Force and one of these (power, agility, hit, crit) Force is the main stat for Taijutsu and Ninjutsu ninja, it improves damage and physical defense.

- Ninjutsu - Force and one of these (power, agility, hit, crit) Force is the main stat for Taijutsu and Ninjutsu ninja, it improves damage and physical defense.


Why (power, agility, hit, crit)?

Well really whatever turns up with your main stat and any of these is fine since it can get costly trying to refine the perfect stats, however before level 50 prioritize them in the order (power, agility, hit, crit) and after level 50 in the order (agility, power) the reason agility becomes better is that as you level up you'll be getting more HP from other things and your survivability will be ok and you will want to focus on speed so you hit first. Also, once you start refining gear level 50 or higher the amount of power, agility, force, and chakra on these stats increases whereas the % values of the hit, crit, dodge, block remain about the same.


Why (force, block, dodge, chakra)?

These stats will change in value depending on your opponent but generally force will be best to reduce damage, the other three you can swap around to raise defense in areas you lack.


Tips if you're spending gold:

- The 5g stat reroll is really only worth it if you use it on level 50+ gear and only if you get the 2 stats you want but they have really low 'white' values.



Inheriting allows you to transfer your fortify levels from one piece of gear to another, this is generally used when you are upgrading to a new piece of gear. You'll notice a slight drop in the level when you inherit, but don't worry this is a good thing the item will have more stat than the old one AND it will be lower level so the silver cost is cheaper when you want to continue leveling it.


Disclaimer: this guide is opinion based with some facts pulled from the game itself, if you disagree with a view posted here you're quite welcome to disregard this guide.

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